ELMOTEC is a family owned Swiss company established in 1989. Development, construction and production of electric drives, controlled soldering equipment and machines is the main focus. ELMOTEC is specializes in solving application problems when using the latest and most advanced technology. In 2001 All products and services have been streamlined under the brand and company name of ELMOTEC. Included is not only robotic soldering technology, but also the production of automatic soldering products for electrical/electronic industries and special components for assembly and handling, such as small conveyors belts and rotary drives as well. Our specialists have more than thirty years of experience in catering to customer needs and their requirements. This also relates to the design and construction of special equipment.


Substantial investments in research and development will assure that our customers will obtain products that include the latest developments in technology.


We strive to provide quality products.
Elmotec and it’s staff follow a long tradition of supplying the very best technology available. The mission to satisfy our customers at every level is taken as a daily challenge for our entire staff.


All our work is done to exact specifications. Production of parts is done with utmost care and the least specification tolerance technically possible. Meticulous quality control and quality assurance is applied to all products leaving the Elmotec facility. We are committed to communicate and cooperate in a timely and reliable manner in order to facilitate the needs and desires of our customers at any time.


Elmotec patents pending show the innovative spirit of ELMOTEC.

Wire Feeder / Micro Wire Feeder

Soldering Heads for Automatic System

Soldering Machines

Small Conveyor