Linipot Sensor

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The Capacitec LiniGage is an Aircraft Engine Rotor Eccentricity Realignment System that is used to set the concentricity of engine rotor assemblies such as in the HPC and HPT sections after assembly. A 0.220” (5.6mm) non-contact displacement sensor is temporarily attached to the tip of one of the blades at an air gap of approximately 0.040” (1mm) to the inside diameter of the casing. A lead is typically wrapped two or three times around the circumference of the rotor and exits the engine casing through a convenient bore scope hole and connected to the LiniGage electronics. The rotor is turned by 360°, allowing the sensor to measure the air gap between the blade tip and the engine casing inside circumference. The LiniGage custom software takes the air gap values and polar plots the circumferential blade gap and calculates the eccentricity magnitude with its resultant angle. An out of spec eccentricity plot then allows the engine rebuild technician to easily identify where to make casing positional adjustments to normalize the casing position for the best eccentricity and run out values. These actual values are compared to customer limits, creating a permanent quality record.

The new recently introduced Capacitec LiniGage runs on Windows XP® and offers even more benefits to engine manufacturers and users thanks to the following features and benefits:


  • Single rotor and custom multi-rotor, multi-engine HPC/HPT air gap measurements
  • Windows XP® software platform
  • Multiple ID grinds
  • Measures engine in vertical or horizontal positions
  • Higher resolution encoder
  • ISO9001 certified calibration method


  • Simultaneous gap, eccentricity and FIR measurement using one system; it can easily program any new engine style
  • Very easy user interface; PDF and exportable data files to standard software packages
  • Compensation for multiple internal grinds w/o affecting FIR (full indicated runout)
  • Mathematical compensation for gravity “droop” in horizontal position
  • Better data fidelity
  • Measurements traceable to worldwide standards